Ofenstein Consulting Group
Alpine Division
Box 1408 / Alpine, Texas / 79831
432.837.5186 (screened: leave message)

Ofenstein Consulting Group
Name Specialties Links
Leo Systems design, software development
Project management
SCR Corp
Carol Gone away SCR Corp
Big Bend Art
Mark & Allison
Local, Wide-area, and Private Networking
Commercial Web site design
Business Management Services
Entertainment (Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, Vocal)
SCR Corp
3 Hat Mojo
Arch & Sierra Home Improvement - Design & Fabrication
Wilderness River Tours
Entertainment (Guitar, Drums, Ukulele, Vocal)
Eli & Jennifer Systems design, Unix & Linux
Large-scale Dynamic Systems Integration
Financial Data Security
Youth Education
SCR Corp
Custom Handcrafts
Jen's Storefront
Carl & Kim Systems design, Windows
Web-based Commercial Systems
Youth Education
SCR Corp
Chris & Tom GIS Systems, Mapping & Visualization
Physical Security
SCR Corp

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